Are you interested in becoming a co-worker in Camphill Milton Keynes?

Short-term co-workers live and work at Camphill Milton Keynes for a period of at least one year. They are responsible for supporting the adult residents living in the community. In addition they help to manage and organize daily workshops and cultural activities, and have numerous household responsibilities including cooking and cleaning.

Working arrangements are mutually agreed in advance.

CMKC is committed to help volunteers in building their skills and knowledge. It is important that, as far as possible, the tasks match the volunteer’s goals and the skills they would like to acquire.

Even though unpaid, CMKC makes the programme worthwhile to the volunteer co-workers in other ways by covering their expenses (through an allowance), providing training, giving references etc.

Training: short term co-workers receive basic orientation (induction) when they arrive and ongoing training throughout their stay (courses on First Aid, Food Hygiene, Health and Safety etc.) to enable them to fulfil effectively the tasks they agree to take on. A mentor is appointed to provide ongoing guidance and support.

References: CMKC provides volunteers with a verbal and/or written reference when they leave CMCK. The reference will include a brief description of the work undertaken, comments on the volunteer's effectiveness and skills, and on the personal qualities they exhibited, plus any specific achievements and contributions. Volunteers are free to complete an exit interview form, which give them the opportunity to provide formal feedback which CMKC can use in improving its provision and organisation as far as volunteers are concerned.

Vacancies: for the list of current vacancies and more information about CMKC, please contact us by e-mail or write to our postal address. To find out more about volunteering at CMKC, please use the Enquiry form, or email us, or phone or fax us (numbers below).

CMKC does not require previous personal experience, but it is very valuable to the whole community if you contribute with the talents you’ve got. We very much appreciate enthusiasm to learn, and a willingness to do whatever needs to be done.

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